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Energy Transition

The heightened urgency of the climate crisis has accelerated calls to action for the global energy industry to shift from fossil-based systems of energy production and consumption—including oil, natural gas, and coal—to renewable energy sources.

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Energy Transition

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The Energy Transition

Coralie Laurencin, the Senior Director, Power and Climate Policy Lead at S&P Global Commodity Insights joins the Seek & Prosper Interview Series to discuss the energy transition. She covers the rapid changes and challenges for European power markets, the good and the bad of carbon offsets, and the role of natural gas and nuclear in the energy transition.

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OCTOBER 19, 2022
Inflation Reduction Act: Landmark Legislation Supercharges U.S. Clean Energy Effort

The Inflation Reduction Act, or IRA, was passed in both houses of Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden in August. The bill provides nearly $370 billion in promoting clean technologies that will drive energy sector transformation and emissions reduction.

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Hydrogen’s Role in the Energy Transition

Roman Kramarchuk, Head of Energy Scenarios, Policy and Technology Analytics at S&P Global Commodity Insights joins the Seek & Prosper Interview Series to discuss hydrogen's role in the energy transition. He covers the benefits of hydrogen as a fuel source, the different color coding of hydrogen based upon feedstock, and the technical and organizational issues holding hydrogen back in a warming world.

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Energy Transition Impacts

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As governments and companies around the world commit to tackling climate change, S&P Global Platts charts the transition to greener energy sources and its impact on commodity markets.

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